Purchase & Sales

The importance of a well tailored and effective office lease is key to the practice of any health professional. Therefore, it is very important that a healthcare professional have in place a lease, sublease, or property purchase and sales contract that protects his/her property rights and fully delineates the relationship of the parties involved in the transaction.

There are no standard agreements because each individual's circumstances are unique and, as a result, a property agreement, whether it be a lease, sublease, or commercial real estate purchase and sales agreement, must be tailored to those specific needs. In addition, Mostofi Law Group represents group practices, as well as hospitals, seeking to lease or purchase real estate for the establishment or expansion of their facilities. 


Health care office leases contain important legal details that could result in thousands of dollars of overpayment or the inability to sublease a space in the future. For example, whether a lease is triple net, full service gross, or modified gross should be delineated and made clear to all parties in order to avoid any surprising annual fees. In addition, dental and medical office leases should contain specific hazardous waste language tailored to the practice of each office. 

An office lease's assignment and subletting provisions, to name just a few, are also significant sections that may affect the future value of the practice. Mostofi Law Group provide years of legal expertise in the areas of lease drafting, review, and negotiation for both lessees and lessors. Mostofi Law Group will ensure that noteworthy lease provisions affecting practices and hospitals are accurately in place at the time of negotiation and execution.


In many instances, health care professionals seek to sublet or assign a part or all of their office space. The relationship between the sublessor and the sublessee is one that must be carefully negotiated and detailed in a sublease because it is a document that creates an ongoing relationship between the parties. The sublease must contain key provisions regarding the extent of use, the term of the sublease, and a variety of additional sections addressing this unique engagement between healthcare professionals. Mostofi Law Group makes certain that all of the significant provisions that protect sublessors and sublessees are in place in order for both parties to have an amicable and professional business relationship.

Real Estate Purchase, Sales, and Financing

Health care providers and hospitals often seek to purchase commercial property for their practices and facilities, respectively. Commercial property purchases and financing involve complicated real estate and finance laws that affect the transaction between three parties: the purchaser, the seller, and the lender.

Without proper legal representation, healthcare professionals often find that navigating through complex legal issues requires knowledge of California real estate and finance law. Mostofi Law Group caters to health care professionals and hospitals seeking to purchase and finance commercial property.

With experience in the representation of purchasers acquiring and financing multi-million dollar commercial properties, Mostofi Law Group can steer clients seeking to purchase and finance commercial real estate in the right direction by meticulously drafting, reviewing, and negotiating real estate purchase and sales contracts and loan documents.

Mostofi Law Group provides vast experience in the field of real estate finance, including, structuring, drafting, negotiation, and analysis of credit agreements. The purchase and financing of commercial real estate entails complex credit terms and conditions that should be tailored to the specific requirements of each healthcare professional's or hospital's business needs.

Mostofi Law Group ensures that each of its clients receive optimal terms and conditions when financing the purchase of real estate.