The core of every practice purchase or sale is the purchase and sales agreement. This document governs all aspects of the practice purchase and sale and can affect the prosperity of the practice for many years after both parties have completed the transaction. As a result, if a practice purchase and sales agreement does not adequately set forth the terms and conditions of the transaction, each party will find that their negotiations will be much more complicated and drawn out.

Health professionals face unique requirements in their demanding profession. As such, a practice purchase and sales agreement must obtain provisions that will protect the purchaser and seller in order to ensure that the transition is smooth and fair.

Mostofi Law Group takes great strides in representing purchasers and sellers through each step of the practice purchase and sales process. Mostofi Law Group drafts and reviews each practice purchase and sales agreement with great attention to detail. Mostofi Law Group is well versed in the issues of uncompleted work, collection of accounts receivables, existing advertising contracts, and a variety of other noteworthy matters. With knowledge of the California Business and Professions code and California contract law, Mostofi Law Group comprehends the importance of such a significant business transaction and provides full legal support through the process.